A glass a day keeps the bad mood away?

A glass a day keeps the bad mood away?

When it has been a frustrating day at work or university, why not lift your mood with one, two, or three glasses of alcohol?

Alcohol is widely used as a way to enhance one’s mood, even though it can have a negative impact on individuals and society.
We are a group of 2nd year Psychology Bachelor students and are interested in the question whether there is any relation between our mood and alcohol intake. And if so, is there a difference between occasional and regular drinkers?
Therefore, we are conducting a study with the hypothesis that low levels of mood are associated with higher alcohol intake. Especially in the time of Covid-19 a lot of people are feeling down due to the fact that social isolation is not only restricting the time one can spend with their friends and even parts of their family but also turning everyone’s daily life upside down.

But has the coronavirus led to an increase in alcohol intake?

Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction confirmed that a change in alcohol consumption influenced by the coronavirus can be observed.[1] They recommend stopping drinking alcohol during the pandemic since alcohol weakens the immune system and does not help against stress or bad mood in the long term. [2]

Considering this, our research will be a nice opportunity to find out whether current drinking behaviour is associated with mood changes.

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Group 37

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[2] Uhart, M., & Wand, G. S. (2009). Stress, alcohol, and drug interaction: an update of human research. Addiction Biology, 14(1), 43-64.

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