A Mind Full of Stress

A Mind Full of Stress

Can you tell yourself that you have a job that doesn’t lead to high levels of stress? If your answer to this question is yes, you are quite the lucky one! Nowadays, a lot of employees are dealing with a lot of stress at work and the rates of employees with a burnout have been growing.

In almost every job, the amount of pressure on performance has grown over the last few years. This can lead to high levels of stress at work, but also to more negative feelings about work and less hope and optimism.

A solution to this problem might be the use of mindfulness. Being mindful means being more attentional to your thoughts without judging them as bad or good. It is like being a neutral observer of your own thoughts. The effects of mindfulness at work were studied at the Research Centre for Brain and Behaviour. 299 employees with all types of jobs completed five online questionnaires about mindfulness, work, mental well-being, hope and positive feelings about work. For each question, the employees had to indicate to what extent the content applied to themselves. The results of the study show that employees with a higher level of mindfulness are more active at work, have less stress and feel better at work.

There are a lot of ways to learn how to become more mindful. If your answer to my first question was ‘no’, try improving your own mindfulness and become more happy at work!

Malinowski, P., & Lim, H. J. (2015). Mindfulness at work: Positive affect, hope, and optimism mediate the relationship between dispositional mindfulness, work engagement, and well-being. Mindfulness, 6(6), 1250-1262.

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