Are you haunted by work?

Are you haunted by work?

What kind of person are you? After a strenuous workday, do you prefer laying down on your cosy sofa, watching your favorite series on Netflix or going out for a run through the park?

Whatever you do, after work recovery is essential to increase life satisfaction, work performance and reduce the risk of burnout symptoms. Scientific studies have proven that physical activities consistently show a beneficial effect on switching off from work. Whereas the results for passive activities are contradictive.

To trace the problem to the routs, we are carrying out a new scientific study to detect the beneficial effects of different types of after-work activities on recovery. Thereby we especially focus on the impact of the difficult circumstances relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. Particularly today, when most of us are stuck in home office, it is crucial to try to draw a clear line between work and private life.

Another important factor is sleep quality. You certainly agree that after a good night of sleep, it is easier to achieve good performance at work and sports. Vice versa being active helps you to facilitate a night of restful sleep. Therefore, our research further focuses on the influence of sleep quality on the relationship between after-work activity and “switching off”.

We are very curious about the results of the evaluation of our questionnaire. We will soon let you know if watching TV or reading a book is as effective, to protect you from being haunted by work, as jogging, cycling or yoga.

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