The Beats of Happiness

The Beats of Happiness

“It might seem crazy what I am ’bout to say

Sunshine she’s here, you can take a break” – Pharrell Williams

Do me a favor and listen to that song before you continue. Also, try to boost your mood while you’re listening to it (you can thank me later).

For two weeks we are investigating the positive effects of optimism, happiness and meditation – but we did not talk about music yet? It is time to change that!

Can you imagine a life without any music? No? Neither can I. There must be a reason why music is everywhere. It is part of human history. Every culture has its own melodies. It is played movies and in places, where you would not expect it. Even Supermarkets play music while you do your groceries. You did not realize? Probably you were listening to you own music. I could continue, but I have only 250 word to make my point.

What if music is played because it can enhance our happiness?

While I will not be able to answer that for everyone, I want to present two studies: One study showed that student’s mood elevated after listening 12 minutes to positive music in comparison to students who listend 12 minutes to neutral music.

The second one was the same concept only coupled with positive intentions. As expected, those who had positive intentions scored even higher than those who only listened to positive music.

What does that tell us? Positive music could be an effective way to boost our happiness! Even more if we couple it with our positive intentions of becoming happier.

Use your skills, use your speakers or headphones and listen to some happy music. We have to stay strong and happy to overcome these Covid periods.

Ferguson, Yuna & Sheldon, Kennon. (2013). Trying to be happier really can work: Two experimental studies. The Journal of Positive Psychology. 8. 23-33. 10.1080/17439760.2012.747000.

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