Cannabis: The birth or death of creativity?

Cannabis: The birth or death of creativity?

Cannabis = Creativity. At least according to Mary, your pothead friend who hasn’t showered in a week. But is there really any science to back Mary up? It’s not like she reads PubMed.

Cannabis is one of the most used psychoactive substances in the world and many claim they depend on it for their creativity. Cannabis alters your mind state, and produces an altercation in the perceptions of your surroundings. Therefore, it might seem intuitive to believe that it can create a medium for insight. That it can perhaps drill a hole in your confined box, to peak through so that you might see the wonders that lay outside.

However, many scientists disagree with this interpretation. It has been shown that the consumption of cannabis only affects the perception of our creativity and that our actual creative abilities remain the same (Bourassa & Vaugeois, 2001). So maybe, cannabis leading to creativity is merely the wishful thinking of freedom-seeking hippies.

Putting a rest to these opposing claims would provide us with a clear-cut view of the correlation between cannabis and creativity, and hence that is the aim of our study. If we know cannabis truly does possess the potential for evoking creativity, then it is no question that it can be used effectively by artists, entrepreneurs and virtuoso’s alike. But if not, then we know to leave it for serene evenings on the beach and Joe Rogan podcasts.

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