Challenges of everyday life with HIV in today’s world

In the past decades HIV medicine has taken leaps forward and the possibility of getting treatment is getting larger even in underdeveloped countries. Yet people are still quite in the dark of how does treatment of HIV affect your everyday life and who is able to have access to this live saving treatment. The most common medicine for HIV is called ART which translates to antiretroviral theropy, which goal is to reduce the viral load of the virus and it’s transmission.

It is clear that not everyone has the same access to quality treatment to HIV and thus it has become a larger issue in developing countries. The treatment itself is not so straight forward, since you need to the account that the virus could become resistant to the drugs used in the treatment. To counter this medicine today uses several different drugs to avoid the virus of becoming resistant to the treatment.

What we set our goal to find out in our research, was to pinpoint how living conditions play a role in people’s perceptions when considering the need of treatment. Do people feel like more advantagous living conditions entitle people for treatment or vice versa. Allthough we discovered some differences in how people perceived the need of medication in less favourable circumstaces compared to people with favourable living conditions. We are still hesitant to come to conclusion as our research is still ongoing and we as a group are eagerly working on the results. So stay tuned!

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