Clapping to support the healthcare workers?

Imagine that there is a worldwide pandemic which takes its toll on healthcare workers all over the world. The pressure on these workers is emerging and in order to support them, nearly everybody in the Netherlands go out of their houses to clap for these heroes. However, as people are getting tired of Covid-19 and become more selfish, this support and respect did not last long and the healthcare work is only getting more difficult. 

A common consequence of these stress-provoking factors is burnout, which has a high prevalence among nurses. Obviously, we cannot cure burnout clapping for this person. But, how can burnout be cured?

It has been suggested that mindfulness is an effective instrument to reduce the symptoms of burnout among nurses. This study was conducted at a hospital in China where all nurses were invited to participate, those who participated completed self-administered questionnaires. Mindfulness was measured using the Short Inventory of Mindfulness Capability and burnout was measured using the Maslach Burnout Inventory-Human Services Survey. Burnout consists of three facets, emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and personal accomplishment. Each of these facets were affected by mindfulness. 

This suggests that it may be a possibility to offer nurses mindfulness training during this horrible pandemic.  

Reference: Zhao, J., Li, X., Xiao, H., Cui, N., Sun, L., & Xu, Y. (2018). Mindfulness and burnout among bedside registered nurses: A cross-sectional study. Nursing & Health Sciences21(1), 126–131.

F. Claessen

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