Corona blues remedy – call someone up!

Corona blues remedy – call someone up!

Suddenly this virus called Covid-19 changed our way of living. Instead of going out for work or university every morning we have to do home-office and watch lectures via zoom. Besides, our social life is completely restricted. We are not able to go to restaurants or bars and meet our friends outside. In addition, we are always confronted with Corona by being bombarded from every direction by news about the crisis.

Have you noticed yourself texting your friends on Whatsapp, calling your family and checking your Instagram feed more frequently? Do you think you feel stressed by all the Corona news and feel better when staying connected via online platforms with your friends and family during Corona times? What effect does this have on your health?

Are you curious to find out the answers to these questions? Well, we are here to help. We are currently conducting a study about the online behavior in times of Corona. Our aim is to figure out if the exposure to news and the use of online media has an effect on anxiety levels. We asked around 200 students about their news consumption and how often they engaged in online verbal communication and how it changed during Corona. Next to that we measured their anxiety levels.

Our paper will be published on the 3rd of July. So, you should note it in your calendar and get ready to read about the results!

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