Diverse creativity or creative diversity? (Group 18)

None of us is as smart as all of us. That’s why teamwork is such an important part of our everyday lives; whether it is a project in a business company or keeping the kitchen clean in a household. Diverse activities require diverse teams… Or not really? Diversity in a team gives space to use our uniqueness for the benefit of the team. To use the diversity well requires some creativity…
If you would describe yourself as rather uncreative person, fortunately, you are mistaken. Creativity is everything from choosing what to wear in the morning or perhaps trying a new ingredient in your well-known recipe, to coming up with a new technology that can change history. Creativity helps us all to go through our lives and it is also a highly valued skill of each team. However, is there some trick for making one team more creative than the other? In terms of gender, evidence brings up contradictory results and it’s unclear whether women are more creative than men or vice versa. But what happens if we mix them?
Would you think that a team consisting of only one gender would be more creative compared to the team which is composed of mixed genders? Or perhaps the differences between men and women and the uniqueness of each gender could actually result in more creative outcomes of the team?
Curious to know the answer? Look no longer. This is exactly what our research team tried to find out!

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