Don’t study hard, study smart!

Contrary to popular beliefs, good grades could require less studying effort than you think. Have you ever had the feeling that you studied hard for an exam and invested a lot of time and effort in it, but still didn’t reach your desired grade? Do you tend to highlight the most important parts, summarise the text and re-read it? Are you convinced that it is sufficient to summarise and re-read the text until you understood it, yet do not see any actual improvement? Let us introduce to you a better learning technique that requires less time and may yield higher grades! The secret to success is called ‘’retrieval practice’’. Retrieval practice is a way of testing yourself, using for example questions or just writing down everything you still remember. It works by activating information in our brain and thus enhancing and boosting our learning. We often seem to think that we have learned a piece of information but struggle to recall it. This struggling is what ultimately enhances our memory and leads to more learning! To investigate the true effects of this method, our team has compared the use of Flashcards, Re-reading and Free Recall in order to investigate which method gives the best result on a test. We asked our participants for their individual judgement on effectiveness of study methods and aims to assess whether their judgement was actually the case. The interesting findings of our study, may help thousands of students- including yourself – who think they are studying efficiently, but may still struggle with their classes! Improving your grades has never been easier!

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