Eat to Sleep

Do you know the feeling when you lie in bed and try to sleep, because you have an important exam the next day but even though you went to bed early you wake up exhausted? Have you ever wondered if this could be related to what you ate before going to bed? This is the exact question we asked ourselves. Let us show you what we could find out about the correlation between food intake and sleep quality: Surprisingly, research showed that eating Kiwi before going to bed has a positive effect on sleep quality while eating dark chocolate before going to sleep proved to have the opposite effect. We would like to find out whether these effects can be replicated with FPN students of the University of Maastricht. It is well known that especially during stressful periods sleep quality decreases, as you probably experience yourself from time to time. Therefore, we decided to have a closer look at the effects that stress can have on sleep quality as well as on food intake before going to bed. Overall, it is important to us to get a deeper insight into which factors can be influenced by ourselves in order to be able to control and improve our sleep quality as much as possible. With this study we hope to help you stop tossing and turning endlessly by implementing strategies such as making the right food choice before trying to fall asleep at night. 

So next time maybe you will choose Kiwi over chocolate as a late-night snack.

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