Everybody knows how stressful work can be. So the weekend seems to be THE opportunity, to relax and regain all the energy that you may need in order to also survive next week. But who doesn’t know that feeling: It’s Monday morning, you get up and life seems to be a lot harder than on any of the other days of the week. How can that be? After all, you’ve had a full weekend for yourself!

Have you ever considered that it might have something to do with how you spend your weekends?

Science suggests certain activities, such as doing sports, to be especially helpful in enabling us to distance ourselves from our work stress, boosting our positive feeling on Monday as well. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Just work out a little, get outdoors and Mondays will become as good a day as any.

But what if it does not only depend on the kinds of activities we opted for during our weekend? What if, on top of not choosing the activities that are best for us, we tend to worry a lot about everything, including our work? Experts say that this might be the case. Worrying generally set us into a more negative mood, keeping us from taking out the positive things of our activities. As a neurotic person, would we then generally feel more blue on Mondays, even if we engaged in those kinds of activities that are said to be highly beneficial? Would that ruin everything?

In the end everybody would profit from knowing about how to get rid of this “Monday morning blues”. Imagine you went to work/ uni or whatever you think your duties are (good on you if you don’t have any) with a better mood and more motivation. It allows you to get more work done. Your boss would be happy and so would you. If you left work with a good feeling, you could switch off more easily and enjoy the rest of the day. The next day you would go back to work recharged and ready to roll. More work gets done, boss is happy, you are happy and so on and so on. It’s the opposite of a vicious circle really.

We want to know which activities ACTUALLY help us in making Monday morning more positive for us and how individual personality characteristics (such as trait neuroticism) have an impact. If you want to jump onto the above mentioned positive cycle, you should probably start working out those muscles, get outdoors and find ways to worry a little less about life. How you achieve that really depends on whatever floats your boat.


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