Every Students Favourite Colour Should Be Green

It’s no secret that having good study skills is linked to the academic success of a student. What if we told you that you have been studying the wrong way this whole time? Students are often bombarded with tips on how to have good study habits or they try different strategies by trial-and-error until they find something that works for them. Now, what if we told you that one colour has the power to improve the quality of your studying? We know that colours can be associated with different emotions, however, there is also evidence that it can be associated with another part of cognition – one that students might find particularly interesting. 

Research has shown that different colours have different effects on memory. Specifically, the colour green has been shown to improve the memory of an individual, while the colour red has been shown to have the opposite effect. The goal of our study was to look at the effects of different colours on short term memory. Participants were asked to perform tasks that would test their short term memory along with a questionnaire to indicate their level of alertness afterwards. In another similar study, it was found that people shown green letters had better performance on the memory task than those shown red letters. This demonstrates the idea that not only do colours have an effect on emotions, but they could also have an effect on memory which can be linked to exam performance. So get rid of your boring white flash cards and add some colour to your study notes to get the grades you deserve!

Author: Group 20

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