Feeling lucky tonight?

Think back to the feeling that you made it to the bus just in time, those shoes you wanted so badly and suddenly are quite discounted or that you get home just in time before it starts to rain hard. The sense of luck you feel at that moment. The feeling is indescreibable, but how does this feeling of luck rise? And are we really lucky?

A study in which they look for a relationship between luck believes and happiness measures through belief in luck and believe in personal luck they conclude the following. That luck belief is negatively associated with luck and that this due to a component of neuroticism. But on the other hand, personal luckiness is positively associated with happiness. The belief in personal luckiness is therefore a unique facet of happiness!

So we can say that luck believers are not happy, but those who believe I themselves are lucky.


Thompson, E. R., Prendergast, G. P., & Dericks, G. H. (2019). Do the happy-go-lucky?. Current Psychology, 1-12.

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