Have you ever experienced long-lasting pain? You are a sensitive person!

Have you ever experienced long-lasting pain? You are a sensitive person!

Maybe, you have heard from a friend, family member, the lover you rejected or even experienced it yourself, persistent pain from which one does not recover, consequently resulting in anxiety, bad sleep and fatigue that haunts you. 

Chronic pain can actually be a serious medical condition. 

In the past, those symptoms that seem to have no apparent origin, have been clustered into somatization disorders. Now, researchers made an end to the undefined drifting in pain. 

Finally, you can tell your friend that there is light in the end of the tunnel, or sleep.

Chronic pain conditions with non-organic cause are defined as Central Sensitization Syndrome (CSS). Apparently, a Central Sensitization (CS) seems to be the underlying mechanism. Experts define CS as a permanent high reactivity of the central nervous system. 

Various psychological and biological processes, namely an upregulation of inflammatory reactions, an imbalance of the bodily stress system and the loving support of your neurotransmitters by fewer release of pain-inhibitors and more pain-augmenters. Also, the smell of gastrointestinal problems and psychiatric disorders, keep patients on the jump.

Clinicians invented the Central Sensitization Inventory (CSI), a questionnaire, to better assess the symptoms and help those in need. It might seem controversial; a questionnaire for mostly physical complaints. But that’s why we do research. To assess the CSI´s content validity, which means to assess if it is measuring what it intends to measure, we need to ask those in pain and not in pain to help our fellows with suiting relief.

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