How do you deal with all the sh*t?

How do you deal with all the sh*t?

You get up, get ready for the day, have breakfast, do grocery shopping, deal with people all day, do classes at the university, have to pay rent, do chores around the house and so much more –how do you manage to do all of this without going crazy? 

We all have different ways of dealing with these types of stressors, some go for a drink, some do sports, some stay at home all day by themselves and others go and ask others for help. What is your go-to activity when it is all getting too much? In general, we have two types of coping styles, adaptive and maladaptive coping styles. When engaging in adaptive coping styles you rather approach the problem and ask for help and with maladaptive you tend to suppress the feelings or avoid dealing with the situation. Of course, there can always be a mixture of styles also depending on the situation.

Most of us know that it is harder on days you do not feel very energised and in a rather bad mood, but can you imagine what it is like for people with increased depression levels. We want to find out what people with increased depression levels do differently when dealing with stressful situations than people with lower depression levels. With our research we want to come closer to the answer of which coping strategies are most useful and to be able to deal with all the things life brings us…including all the sh*t. 

What is your advice on how to deal with it? Share your experiences with us! 

Group 25 looks forward to hearing from you!

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