Increasing happiness by practicing yoga

Would you like to know how you can cope better with the current Corona situation and the adverse emotions that it might evoke and increase your wellbeing?

 A study including 124 participants found that the participants that practice yoga at least twice a week have a higher level of gratitude and meaning. Participants responded to a subscale of the Meaning of Life Questionnaire and the Gratitude Questionnaire-Six Item Form in order to assess their level of gratitude and meaning. A high level of gratitude and meaning in life is associated with increased wellbeing. The more yoga one practices the higher their reported meaning in life was, which can be explained by the spirituality that is embodied in yoga practices. Gratitude is expressed in prayers and language during yoga practices, which is a contributing factor to personal growth and relational wellbeing. Additionally, it indirectly enables individuals to cope and grow through adverse situations.

So, if you want to become happier and increase your well-being, you should think about starting to practice yoga!

Ivtzan, I., & Papantoniou, A. (2014). Yoga meets positive psychology: Examining the integration of hedonic (gratitude) and eudaimonic (meaning) wellbeing in relation to the extent of yoga practice. Journal of bodywork and movement therapies18(2), 183-189

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