Is it okay for boys to cry?

Until this day we stick to specified gender roles in our society and we often live by these values without being actually aware of it. The widely believed role distribution is that men are the strong gender, being more rational and less empathic, while women are more directed to be influenced by their feelings and are more empathic. These gender-roles are mainly defined by the differences in empathy. For example, it is okay for girls to cry in consequence to emotional or physical pain, but in the case of boys, they seem feminine and not masculine according to their role in society.


Uncertainties about the reasons for this arise and it is rather unclear if actual empathy differences in our biological sex are the main reason for this, or if we just get these values and roles allocated from an early age on.

Consequently, we conducted a research in order to get some answers in the field of gender differences in empathy. Furthermore, we looked at the questions if women are more forgiving and if their higher empathic capabilities are maybe due to lower levels of testosterone, which is the “male hormone”. At hand of these questions we wanted to find out if these gender differences in empathy are true, or if rather human made social constructs are the main reason for these assigned gender roles and the accompanying restrictions and duties for every man and woman. This research was then conducted mainly through multiple questionnaires, which all measured certain things related to the different types of empathy, forgiveness, testosterone and other sub-topics. If you want to gain more knowledge about this socially relevant topic, stay tuned for our paper.

Thank you for participating in our study!

Group 17.

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