Is waiting worth it?

Is waiting worth it?

“I thought the best feeling at the time was sex and to just crack onto chicks and go to the next one, but now I know there’s no better feeling than love and to have that person there and genuinely know your best friend. It’s absolutely amazing.” -Harry, Too Hot To Handle

The new Netflix show forces people to stay sexually abstinent and is based on the idea that you build deeper emotional connections if the physical element of relationships is removed. But is waiting worth it? Sex is a vital part of discovering things about yourself and your partner, but does the timing of sex have consequences for your relationship?

The study by Willoughby suggests yes, from waiting to have sex, your relationship will benefit. Apparently delaying or even completely abstaining from sex relates to more satisfaction, stability, and positive communication in nonmarital relationships. This intriguing finding motivated us to conduct our own study and test this hypothesis. Hence, we will conduct a study with a short online questionnaire with subjects who are currently in a romantic relationship.

Relationships take up a huge part of personal and everyday lives and the improvement of the satisfaction of relationships is therefore an essential part of trying to increase overall life satisfaction and happiness. In our society shaped by apps like tinder, random hook-ups are not rare and abstinence may be viewed as obsolete and religiously motivated. With our research, we wish to contribute to a more open conversation about sex and give food for thought about sexuality and satisfaction in relationships. 

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