Mindful chew your food as an intervention to weight loss

Is losing bodyweight your New Year’s resolution, but you don’t feel like counting calories or heavy exercise? If so, an Austrian study has great news for you! It appears that a mindful eating intervention combined with prolonged chewing, has a positive effect on your BMI and eating style, without any calorie restrictions.

In this study, 46 participants who were mostly overweight and wanted to lose weight, were randomly divided into two groups. BMI and eating styles (e.g. emotional eating, eating in response to external cues and food cravings) were assed for both groups. One group participated in the intervention, the other group was put on a waiting list. In the four intervention meetings – two group and two individual meetings – the intervention group learned about mindful eating, prolonged chewing and how to apply this in their daily routine. They logged their experiences during the eight week intervention.

The results show that participants in the intervention group had a significant decrease in BMI both in the interim measurement (after 4 and 8 weeks) and in the measurement four weeks after the intervention. In addition, these participants reported to ate less often in response to emotions or in response to external cues. They were also more aware of hunger and satiety signals from their body and they reported significantly less food cravings.

So applying mindfulness and prolonged chewing may help to lose weight and make your New Year’s resolutions come true.

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