Online-meetings: A blessing or a curse?

Online-meetings: A blessing or a curse?

The ongoing pandemic has proven to be a challenge for the entire world and with it brought many drastic changes in how we live our lives. One major aspect that changed has been how work, university and school is conducted. Where it was possible, communication has changed entirely to online mediums such as Zoom.

There might be a big discrepancy on how positively or negatively people perceive these changed circumstances. Some might enjoy their extra time they get to spend at home while for others it quickly turned into a dreadful experience. It is certain, that there are clear differences in how things used to work before and now that they switched to mostly online. Although, it is still rather unclear on how big of an impact these have on overall performance.

In this study we want to investigate how and if memory and listening effort are affected by worsened auditory and visual conditions present during online-meetings. Especially, since everyone has their own individual conditions at home. Offices and Universities were replaced by your own living room, with background noises and different sound qualities depending on your equipment. Also, what about the annoying noises or bad internet connections coming from other call members?

The results are supposed to be used to better understand this relatively new state of affairs. Because in spite of these circumstances that have changed substantially, the same work still has to be done and the same exams still need to be written. 

But the question remains: how do we improve the overall quality of online meetings?

By Group 10

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