Openness to Experience: Is your music personal? [RP]

Openness to Experience: Is your music personal? [RP]

Allow us to paint you a picture. Imagine you and your best friends are on a road trip. After having expressed your excitement about finally being able to go on holiday, you ask if someone would like to play some music. One of your friends gladly does so and wants to play a new song that he really likes. He puts on WAP by Cardi B and all your friends go crazy and sing along to it, except for you. When they ask you why, you reply with “I just don’t like that style of music”. Your friend sitting in the passenger’s seat turns around and exclaims: “I think you’re not the type for this kind of music”: This gets you thinking: Could your friend be right? Is your music taste related to your personality? Do fans of different music genres have similar personalities?

Well, you’re not the only one who is asking these questions. Our research group is wondering the exact same thing, and we’re here to take you on an entirely different road trip. One that is exciting, and one that may answer some of those questions.

High levels of openness to experience are characterised by easily getting absorbed in the beauty of art, nature, and of the unusual. We are trying to analyse how present this HEXACO personality trait actually is in music genres such as pop, rock, oldies, hip-hop, electronic, indie/alternative, k-pop, metal, R&B, classical, jazz, and country.

Our research intends to determine if this trait applies especially to listeners of a certain genre. So if, for example, most electronic fans would consider themselves as having low openness to experience, we could then check if people who do not listen to electronic music would say the opposite, which could perhaps indicate the use of a stereotype.

So far we have received a lot of responses to our survey, and we are thoroughly analysing the data that you have produced! We are looking forward to updating you soon.

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