Sex on the first date? Go or No-Go for a second date?

Sex on the first date? Go or No-Go for a second date?

Going on a first date is nerve-wracking for most people. You want to look good, you want to make a good impression and if you like the other person ideally you want to see them again for another date. It is not a secret that Netflix shows like ‘Dating Around’, ‘Love is Blind’, or tv shows like ‘First Dates’ fascinate millions of viewers. People love watching dating shows probably not only for entertainment but also for personal tips they can use in real-life dating scenarios. But what about the controversial topic of kissing or even having sex on the first date? Do people expect to be intimate on the first date? Or are we overstepping boundaries if we are leaning in for a kiss with this other person that we barely know?

Scientific studies show how intimacy leads to more attachment, some of them try to explain this with the release of the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin in sexual interactions which can cause a feeling of belongingness to the dating partner. Other studies suggest that people are handling the situation more reserved and are not pleasantly surprised when the other person wants to be intimate just yet. 

To investigate how sexual behavior could influence the chances of getting a second date we mostly asked students from Maastricht University. They were questioned on details of early dating behavior with a dating partner, especially sexual interactions, and dating intentions.

You are also interested in the influence of early sexual interactions on relationships that once started with a first date? Have a look at our colleagues’ study which focuses on the effects of sexual interaction in the early stages of the relationship on later relationship satisfaction.

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