She does it, he does it, everyone does it but would you do it?

What if your friends jumped off a cliff would you do it too? Or if your friends asked you to hide a body for them? Perhaps charity workers want you to join their petition, would you sign it? These are just some examples that vary in their extent on group pressure. 

Research has shown that people follow the crowd, especially under pressure. Take Previte et al. (2015) for example. They looked into the influence of social- and group factors on underage binge-drinking. What did they find you may ask? Well they showed that trying to fit into a group plays a big role in moderate alcohol consumption.

But is group pressure still a thing in 2021 now that Corona is the star of the show? 

It very much is, yes. Nowadays our day to day life is consumed with hours on social media. But is group pressure affecting people’s attitude in such an environment? What does this mean for COVID-19 safety measures? That answer is what we are searching for, with the help of our study. We hypothesise that: ingroup effect (aka the people you surround yourself with, including yourself), in comparison to a single individual’s attitude, will be more significant in the influence of attitude. 

With the help of today’s technology we will look into how group pressure in social media conversations can influence people’s behaviour. We’ll do so by having our participants “attend” a WhatsApp conversation about partying (Yay!!). And with that, form a better understanding of why we sometimes may or may not be swayed by others’ opinions, either for the best or for the worst. 

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