Social media and mindfulness

Social media, there is no running away from it. It is a part of nearly everybody’s routine. Some describe it as a source of entertainment and relaxation, while others see it as a distraction. When we think of social media, we usually think of people lying on the couch scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. But what about social media use in the workplace?

More specifically, does the use of social media in the workplace increase or decrease the probability of a burnout? On top of that, what mediating role can mindfulness play in all of this? The study of (Charoensukmongkol, 2016) wanted to find this out.

They did this by sending out questionnaires to 13 different companies. The questionnaires covered the intensity of social media use and the level of mindfulness for each participant.

The results showed that employees who have a low level of mindfulness are the ones that should shy away from using social media in the workplace. The chance of developing a burnout is quite high for them. Quite the opposite can be said for employees with a high level of mindfulness. The chance of developing a burnout for them is quite low.

So, what can we take away from this study? Well, if you want to enjoy social media during a work day, you better start practicing mindfulness!

J. Hamaekers

Reference: Charoensukmongkol, P. (2016). Mindful Facebooking: The moderating role of mindfulness on the relationship between social media use intensity at work and burnout. Journal of Health Psychology21(9), 1966–1980.

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