Spouse not satisfying you anymore? I’ve got just what you need…

Struggling to find the excitement that once filled your relationship? You’re not the only one. After a long time in a relationship, it can seem like the spark has fizzled out, leaving you and your partner feeling unsatisfied. Unlike the speed of a rocket, love and satisfaction are vast emotions that cannot simply be put into a calculation and be solved – there’s no quick fix. Thus, it’s no surprise that approximately 45% of marriages end in divorce.

However, there is hope as research into positive psychology has shown that practicing mindfulness may increase marital satisfaction. Using a volunteer sample, a study recruited 95 male and female participants aged between 25 and 74 years old. They completed 3 questionnaires: the first was used to measure demographic variables such as age and number of years married. The second tallied responses gained from 11-point scales to determine levels of perceived similarity with their partner and marriage satisfaction. Lastly, a mindfulness scale was completed to ascertain the participants’ mindfulness levels.

Results of the study displayed a strong relationship between marital satisfaction and mindfulness. Additionally, out of all the variables examined, mindfulness was the most important for marital satisfaction, accounting for approximately 8% of marriage satisfaction levels.

So why not try exercises to increase your mindfulness and see the wonders it can do to your marriage satisfaction levels. You can find lots of exercises online, but here are some easy ones to help you get started: daily couples appreciation affirmations, meditation, and journaling.

Burpee, L., & Langer, E. (2005). Mindfulness and Marital Satisfaction. Journal Of Adult Development12(1), 43-51. doi: 10.1007/s10804-005-1281-6

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