Stress and its effect on our alcohol consumption

Stress and its effect on our alcohol consumption

Drink more, stress less?

We all know the situation: The weekend is coming closer and we organize plans to recover from a stressful week in university, school or work. The usual idea that comes up to our minds is to have a party and drink alcohol with friends, right? Often we include it as it is fun, helps us to socialize and to get rid of worrying about what others might think about us. Who doesn’t dance and sing better when they are drunk?

Going beyond these reasons, a group of 2ndyear Psychology Bachelor students would like to know whether there is an association between stress levels and alcohol intake in occasional compared to regular users. Is it really stress that makes us want to escape from reality by having a drink? 

We hypothesize that high levels of stress lead to an increase in alcohol consumption. In addition, we hypothesize that this effect differs between people drinking occasionally and people who drink on a regular basis.

The currently investigated topic caught our attention and will hopefully catch yours since most of us are going through stressful times due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. In times like this, it is more important than ever to learn about our coping mechanisms and realize whether these are healthy or not. Alcohol use is a very unhealthy one since it can have a negative impact not only at the individual levels but also at the societal levels (Rehm et al., 2009). Therefore, we want to gain further insight into whether a relationship between stress levels and alcohol consumption exists. If this is the case then we need to educate people on how to cope in a healthier and more sustainable way. 

Group 37

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