The easy way to improve your attentional capabilities

The easy way to improve your attentional capabilities

When your attention wanders, just focus back again on your breathing.

Notice any stray thoughts, but don’t dwell on them. Simply let the thoughts pass.

See how your breath continues to flow…deeply… calmly.

Does this seem familiar to you? If yes, it is very likely that you, like many others have already tried meditation. With meditation gaining popularity and all kinds of apps, books and podcasts explaining the practices flooding the market, that is no surprise. What were the reasons behind this decision? When asked this question, many people indicate that they want to be more mindful or find a way to relieve stress. What some of them might forget besides these easily observable effects, are the positive effects meditation can have on overall mental capabilities. Studies have shown that long term meditation can increase working memory, executive functions and attention. But when does meditation really start to be effective? Do you necessarily have to practice for several weeks or months until you can experience these benefits? In our study we were interested in whether a guided meditation session of about 20 minutes could already show significant effects on attention. Because if that’s the case, why don’t we all just sit down for 20 minutes before a difficult exam and practice mindfulness, to not only relieve stress levels but also to increase our attentional capabilities? Interested to find out more? Us too! Stay tuned for our results!

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