The good old fight: MEN vs WOMEN

The good old fight: MEN vs WOMEN

Aggression is a feeling we all know very well. Some people seem to go off like a vulcano after the smallest inconvenience. Others stay calm no matter how often the drunken guy has shoved them provocatively.
There are various factors which influence human aggression like differences in hormones (Archer, 1991) or current state of mood (Roberton, Daffern, & Bucks, 2012).

A factor that is often linked to aggressive behavior is gender (Bettencourt & Miller, 1996). We all have the stereotypes in mind that men are much more aggressive than women. No matter if provoked or just in order to reach their goal, men are often known to behave aggressively. But are these stereotypes true? Or is it just an old picture painted many years ago and are women themselves prone to pack a punch or two?

Perhaps women are as aggressive as men, but have a different way to show their aggression. In the literature aggression is subdivided into provoked, reactive aggression and goal-directed, unprovoked proactive aggression. Reactive aggression occurs in the face of a real and overt threat, whereas proactive aggression occurs with little or no overt provocation (, 2015).

Prior studies yielded contradictory results.
While Connor, Steingard, Anderson, and Melloni (2003) found that there are only vague differences in reactive and proactive aggression by means of the variable gender, Baş and Yurdabakan (2012) conducted a study that portrayed men scoring higher in reactive and proactive aggression than women.

Help us find out who really is more prone to pack a punch: Women or Men? And take part in our study!!

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