There are only nine things standing between you and your happiness

It is as simple as it sounds- around you, there are many things to be happy about, you just have to become aware of them.

The well-known positive psychology task “3 good things” has been proven to be effective to to reach a higher life satisfaction. What if there could be an improved version that includes more than that? That new task is called 9 beautiful things. For some people, the three good things task could put pressure on people as they feel like they have to succeed and otherwise will fail if not even three things can be found. Especially in times of corona isolation it can be hard to find new things that were considered well done. Fortunately, things can be done about this. The 9 beautiful things task is like the former, but with addition of 6 other things that were beautiful, no matter if subjectively perceived or simply aesthetic. This way, there is less pressure and more opportunities to detect the beauty and positivity in your life while still maintaining the effectiveness of the three good things task. In an experiment, it was discovered that targeting the appreciation of beauty and excellence is effective in increasing well-being and ameliorating depressive symptoms (Proyer, Gander, Wellenzohn, & Ruch, 2016). In the study, people were randomly assigned to a condition group and a control group. after one week and one month of intervention assessment took place. People in the condition group had higher level of happiness. In order to find out more about the potential for long term use, more data is needed. So, grab your pen and start writing, it becomes easier with every thing you find.


Proyer, R. T., Gander, F., Wellenzohn, S., & Ruch, W. (2016). Nine beautiful things: A self-administered online positive psychology intervention on the beauty in nature, arts, and behaviors increases happiness and ameliorates depressive symptoms. Personality and Individual Differences, 94, 189-193. doi:

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