There is a monster in my room

Were you ever half asleep and the suddenly thought that you saw a monster in the corner of your room, but as soon as you focused on it you realized that it is just the pile of clothes you left there last night?

If your answer to that question is yes, it could be that your sleepy brain was able to detect something that the focused you is not able to. This is a phenomenon that could be explained by neuroscience. Attention is a big factor in seeing the monster. What attention does, is filtering out any information that seems unimportant to perceive or see the pile of clothes as they are. Therefore, you are not able to see the monster anymore when you pay attention. This is because the cells that would create the picture cannot exchange information anymore when you are focused. Another thing influencing your ability to see the monster in the corner of your room is context, since sometimes when you wake up you just see a pile of clothes lying around in your room and sometimes you see a creepy creature. 

When researching, we explored how different levels of attention and type of context influence the ability to detect contours. This research could help us to understand how those misconceptions in perception arise and giving us a more precise idea on how our visual perception works.

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