Thoughts create your reality: Make a positive impact on your mental health today

Thoughts create your reality: Make a positive impact on your mental health today

Don’t we all want to live a happy life?

During the university years, students are facing a stressful time and are more vulnerable to mental health problems. Mental health can have a negative impact on all areas in life. Sadly, 38% of 18-25 year olds in Germany have a mental disorder.

Loving-kindness meditation (LKM) helps university students increase their mental health. Having unconditional kind attitudes is the mental state one wants to achieve with repeating sentences like “may I/ you be happy” aimed at oneself but also at others.

110 German students took part in this study. 55 in the LKM group, and 55 in the control group, who did not do the LKM. Everyone completed a positive and negative mental health test before and after the study.

Less anxiety and more positive mental health were seen on the short run. This was measured using the Positive Mental Health Scale which measures wellbeing. However, no decrease of negative affect was found. Luckily, even if this study could not prove this, other studies have found that there is indeed a reduction of negative affect.  

On the long run however, using the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale, which is a measurement to measure depression, anxiety and stress levels, researchers found a decrease in all of these for the LKM group.

These findings have also been found by others. Why not give it a try and improve your life quality today!

Totzeck, C., Teismann, T., Hofmann, S. G., von Brachel, R., Pflug, V., Wannemüller, A., & Margraf, J. (2020). Loving-Kindness Meditation Promotes Mental Health in University Students. Mindfulness. doi:0.1007/s12671-020-01375-w

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