To disconnect or not to disconnect?

Is social media really that distracting? What if we tell you that it is actually distracting you from your well-being?

Oh well, you already heard that before. That’s exactly why our research practical group wanted to further understand the effects of social media use on well-being.

Using social media networks and practicing mindfulness are two of the most popular activities at the moment,

Mindfulness is a weapon against the negative effects of daily stress, which has increased dramatically for many people lately. It truly helps to psychologically detach, to recover, and to increase well-being. Psychological detachment is the ability to mentally disconnect from work during off-job time.

But we actually found that social media can be an opponent in this battle towards well-being. If you want to scientifically check this statement, here’s an example: A recent study revealed that work-related smartphone use after work is negatively related to psychological detachment.

We therefore hypothesize that the less an individual spends on social media, the higher the psychological detachment of that individual will be. To test this hypothesis, our participants had to answer two questionnaires, one before and one after a week of watching a five minutes video every day.

Our research is still going on, but we will keep you updated!

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