Would painting the White House green make Donald Trump a better leader?

Would painting the White House green make Donald Trump a better leader?

It is commonly known that Donald Trump, the current president of the United States has a number of flaws. Some are small and unremarkable but others can’t be ignored. One of his more significant flaws is the tendency to have gaps in his memory. Calling Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) “Tim Apple” for example, or forgetting the name of a fallen soldier while visiting his widow; the list of Trump’s mistakes is very long. But is there a way his staffers could stop Trump’s memory decline and support the president with his public performance? What about some redecoration of the White House? 

Recent studies indicate that colours have an impact on cognitive performance. For example, exam performance was better when the questions were written on blue paper than on red paper. In our study we are specifically looking into the effect of red and green as background colours in a long-term memory test. We are expecting green to have an enhancing effect, since red is typically associated with danger and subsequently cognitive performance might decline. As we are surrounded by colours throughout our whole life in every situation or setting, the unconscious effects of colours are an important aspect to investigate.

If our hypothesis turns out to be correct, we would recommend the government of the United States to renovate Trump’s office in the White House and replace his wooden desk and shelves with green, stimulating furniture and to make sure he stays away from red environments.

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