Being pessimistic could kill you!

Being pessimistic could kill you!

Charlie Chaplin once said something about pessimism and optimism: “You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down”. The reality is that if you keep looking down you might as well find yourself 6feet underground. Wait what? Oh yes you can absolutely die from being pessimistic!

Pänkäläinen and his colleagues investigated whether pessimists had more chances of dying from coronary heart disease. The research was conducted with no less than 2815 participants aged between 52 and 76 years old. Participants were tested for pessimism and optimism at the start of the study. 11 years later, the researchers checked who died from coronary heart disease and checked if they were pessimists at the baseline or optimists. In fact, significantly more pessimists died from coronary heart disease than optimists!

Believe in yourself, believe in your friends and relatives. Believe! It might actually save you to simply be positive about the future.

Pass the word to your pessimistic friends and become a hero!

Pänkäläinen Mikko, Kerola, T., Kampman, O., Kauppi, M., & Hintikka, J. (2016). Pessimism and risk of death from coronary heart disease among middle-aged and older finns: an eleven-year follow-up study. Bmc Public Health16(1).

Blog writer: Sébastien Vanhoutte

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