Can YOU Stop Procrastinating?

Procrastination is something that everyone will probably do at some point in their life, but what exactly is it? It means postponing a task that needs to be done, even though one is aware of the negative consequences that follow, sometimes until the last minute. Sounds familiar?

Research suggests that this is due to poor emotion control: an unfavourable task needs to be done, which is associated with negative emotions. Instead of completing the task, distraction is the better option for the procrastinator, which is oftentimes accompanied by guilt.

We investigate in our study which factors and personality traits influence how much procrastination behaviour someone shows. Could it be that there is a gender effect that influences the outcome of a procrastination intervention? Or that people with higher stress levels procrastinate generally more than others? Do a person’s personality traits influence how much they procrastinate? Using a short-term mindfulness intervention, we want to assess the effects of personality, stress levels and gender on the intervention outcome.

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