Can’t sit still during meditation?

OHHMMMHH…MEDITATION and fresh air, does that get us through mood swings? 

Imagine you are stepping outside. Feeling the fresh air by breathing in, the sun is kissing your face. It fills your body with new energy. You can hear the birds chirping. One more deep breath in. Feel your feet rooting into the ground, your facial muscles softening, your spine stretching, the shoulders relaxing. 

And then you start walking. 

Already feeling more relaxed after reading that? Imagine doing it!!

Since COVID we are all worlds best walkers, so why not combine it with meditation?

Walking meditation combines the principles of traditional meditation with walking. Focusing on the physical sensation allows us to feel more grounded and we can more easily enter a mindful state. It could be easily incorporated into daily life and could constitute a healthy way to improve mood and reach a more balanced state of mind.

It is already established that a long-time walking meditation intervention can help to increase mindfulness and mood, but what about a short time 30 min walking meditation? We try to answer this question with our research. We compare a mindful walking condition with a walking with music condition and expect to see a better mood after the meditation condition.  Keep an eye out for our results and stay mindful!

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