Confidence is good, control even better! … Or not?

Did you leave your house yesterday? If yes, did you see a bus driving in the traffic?

Fun fact: For most people, this very simple question provides a true challenge. Why is that? We are living in a fast world, where it is almost impossible to be aware of every single action around ourselves.

In the above mentioned bus example, it seems irrelevant whether you would have missed to recognize the bus. However, there are situations where negligence may result in serious issues: Psychotherapy. For instance, overlooking the patient’s clothes. This can signify whether the patient still cares about her/his appearance and hence about how he/she feels besides of what is reported.

Psychotherapists are well trained in how to encounter their patients and to precede in their sessions. Nevertheless, they are not acquitted from human mistakes. Thus, to be on the safe side a checklist has been invented, which could help psychotherapists control their own behavior towards the patients and identify certain issues.

Another interesting question is provided by the gender effect. It is no secret that women and men differ in several ways. Some superficial examples: men love football, motorsports, and beer whereas women prefer fashion, gossip and a good wine. Furthermore, men are told to be brave and wild in comparison to women who are taught to be nice and empathic. With this said, are you also wondering whether gender plays a crucial role in psychotherapy? More explicitly, do female therapists identify more with same-sex patients (and vice versa) and are therefore able to offer a better therapy?

Do you think a checklist will improve the work of psychotherapists or do you think this is rather a waste of time?

Stay tuned for our results!

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