Extraversion: Is My Music Personal?

Extraversion: Is My Music Personal?

Did you ever ask yourself whether your music preference matches your personality? Or have you noticed that people with similar personalities also listen to similar music genres?

We encounter music each and every day in our lives. Platforms like Spotify or YouTube allow us to listen to many different kinds of music, make playlists, and share music with our social environment. Music serves not only to while away one’s time, but also to express ourselves and our identity. We can express our emotions with it and make statements based on our worldview. Because identity and music seem so closely interrelated, people with a similar personality might share the same taste in music.  People scoring high on Extraversion are very confident, enjoy company and are often very enthusiastic and energetic. Therefore, they might listen to different genres compared to people scoring low in Extraversion. Additionally, there may be specific stereotypes concerning the music taste of people scoring high or low on Extraversion which might turn out to be true.

Answering those questions will help us to understand the influence our personality has on our music preferences. Additionally, the interrelation between personality and stereotypes may become unravelled. Stay tuned for our study results!

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