Functionality Appreciation Amongst People With and Without Physical Disabilities

Functionality Appreciation Amongst People With and Without Physical Disabilities

Body Image and Functionality Appreciation is an ongoing topic in our society. It has been proven that Functionality Appreciation has a positive effect on Body Image. Functionality Appreciation is defined as appreciating one’s body for what it is capable of doing, instead of for how it looks. In current research, usually only able-bodied women are considered. In order to fully grasp the importance of body functionality in society, it is essential that we involve as many individuals as possible including minority groups such as physically disabled people. That is why, we decided to include people with a physical disability.

We got our inspiration from several studies which investigated some specific physical disabilities and their relationship to Body Image and Functionality Appreciation. For us it is important that we get a broader picture of physical disabilities. It is relevant to consider a variety of physical disabilities because it better reflects the population of physically disabled people.


For our research, we want to elaborate on whether there is a difference between people with a physical disability and people without a physical disability regarding functionality appreciation. Therefore, we decided to conduct a questionnaire investigating Functionality Appreciation, Self-Compassion, and Gratitude. We hope that participants of all genders, both physically disabled and non-disabled, fill out the questionnaire.

Are you interested in the progress of our research (group 7)? We will keep you updated. Hopefully, you will help us gather interesting information.

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