LGBTQ+ in the workplace

Our research centered around the workplace experiences of people within the LGBTQ+ minority group. Some people may wonder: what is there to discuss? We live in a progressive and open society with equal rights for everyone, so there shouldn’t be discrimination, right? Wrong! While most companies in our country have anti discrimination policies for minority groups in place, we still have a long way to go in order to reach full equality. Official policies will change company culture, but the climate depends on co workers, the absence or presence of microagression and equal treatment on a daily basis. Recent actions by the Dutch government regarding the refusal to explicitly ban gay conversion camps have shown how discrimination,hatred and unacceptance can still be present in a supposedly progressive society and how much work still needs to be done to ensure full equality. With our questionnaire, constructed around previously established scales, we want to investigate the extent to which company climate and culture predict, and explain variation in, a person’s openness about his or her sexual identity . We gathered a culturally diverse sample of 22% Germans, 18% Dutch people, 18% Americans, 10% French, 10% British and 22% from other nationalities all around the world and will reveal the interesting results soon.

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