Relax & Stress Less

Relax & Stress Less

The current COVID pandemic has negative effects on physical and psychological health. Over the world people were forced into isolation and mostly our lives shifted online. The situation as a whole led to increased stress, worries, fear etc. But as the pandemic brought us new challenge, with it also came opportunities to change our daily habits. People are dealing with the new situation in various ways, from trying out new hobbies, to having walks in nature, or watching Netflix. An some decided to dive deeper into relaxation techniques.

Amongst other things, many relaxation techniques help to deal with stress and loneliness that people are experiencing. Since for many people the pandemic has led to more uncertainty, anxiety and above all stress, it is of an even bigger importance to take moments for ourselves and try to relax during the day.

With the current study we want to gain more knowledge on the effects of such relaxation techniques. Specifically, we want to investigate how certain relaxation techniques can help to better manage the stress that the pandemic brought us.

While many people think that for something to really start having an impact on our lives, it takes weeks, months, if not even years. But in this study, we want to investigate the effects of relaxations interventions that last only one week. With this we want to show that investing even a little bit of time during the day, can have an impact on our lives in a rather short amount of time.

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