Take a Walk on The Peaceful Side

The concept of mindfulness in all its different kinds of forms has gained a lot of attention and popularity in the last couple of years. Yoga practice and meditation are only two – and probably the most famous – pillars of a mindfulness practice. Being in a mindful and aware state enables us to purposefully choose our emotional and mental responses and can therefore improve our interactions and experiences with the environment. Especially in stressful times, it is crucial to find a balance and a way or place to let go of the daily stress. Taking a walk outside is the perfect opportunity for doing this, as it is free for everyone and also corona friendly. The combination of movement and mindful meditation could help individuals to lower their stress levels, so as to improve their mood. Another benefit is the possible increase in their personal level of mindfulness, as individuals can feel more connected to themselves and to their environment. Therefore, we aim to check whether a guided mindful walking meditation can indeed improve the mood of our participants and increase their level of mindfulness. If our results are as beneficial as we hope, we have found a short and simple tool which can be used by almost everybody and which can bring us one step closer to a balanced and happy life. 

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